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Krys Angeles


(Bust – waist – hips)
5' 2"
110 lbs
Oil City, PA and Bremerton, WA



What nationality are you? 100% German or Pennsylvania Dutch

What does it feel like being an offical KOTC ring girl? It's surreal. I am truly humbled and blessed to have this opportunity to be part of the King Of The Cage team. It's televised in thousands of countries and several different languages. The exposure is amazing. I still blush every time I hear my friends tell me they see me on tv.

Best pick up line you’ve heard? A wing guy in Vegas for his friend, "Yo, my boy has a lot of money in the bank." I was like, "Oh for real? Cause I have a lot of bills! We have a lot in common." LOL

How did you get into the whole modeling scene? Nikita Esco. She and I grew up together since we were 9 years old. We lived on the same street. Nikita always enjoys life more with her partner in crime. Me! She at first staged mom-ed me on modelling until I got the hang of it.

Describe yourself in one sentence? I am the girl who will always push the red button.

Who is your favorite MMA fighter? Afrozilla. He has the best hair.

What do you enjoy about Mixed Martial Arts? I know that it takes a lot of endurance and skill to win. Unlike sports where they have teams, these guys are on their own in the ring. Pressure is on!


Which MMA fighter would you like to spend 24 hours with and why? I am still new so I am not sure.

How do you maintain that amazing body?90% of it is diet. I eat a ton a vegetables and also incorporate Advocare supplements to give me the energy and amino boosts for my gruelling work outs. I lift at least twice a week, GoGo for cardio or walk my dog. I also love skiing and hiking.

What do you have a weakness for? My weakness is overly confident men, sexy voices, and I love chest hair. Hot.

What 3 things can’t you live without? My iphone, my dog, and chapstick.

What’s your sexiest feature? My tummy. I can get it pretty shredded.

If you weren’t a model what would you be? A rocket scientist.

What in store for you in future?I will begin to relax more. I am a very smart girl and invested wisely so now I can play a lot more. Maybe I will take up base jumping or go run with the bulls in Spain.

Where else can I stalk you on line?
Or on Twitter and Instagram: @KrysAngelesYo

Pay Per View
SAT- 9/20 "Aerial Assault II"
Menominee Casino Resort
Keshena, WI
SAT- 9/27 "Magnum Force"
Black Bear Casino Resort
Carlton, MN
SAT- 9/27 "Haymaker"
Las Cruces Convention Center
Las Cruces, NM
THU- 10/2 "Battle for the Belt"
San Manuel Casino
Highland, CA
SAT- 10/4 "Diversion"
WinnaVegas Casino Resort
Sloan, Iowa
SUN- 10/12 "Lone Survivor"
The Meadows Casino
Washington, PA
SUN- 10/18 "Rebellion"
Lake of the Torches Casino
Lac du Flambeau, WI
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